What is Skiptrace?

Skiptrace is a modular party game for 4-8 players that combines elements of storytelling, improv and roleplaying. Players assume the role of clueless bounty hunters that are fresh to the job and looking for bounties. Of course, there are a wide variety of ridiculous items to help hunters accomplish their tasks: everything from civil war cannons to war elephants!


In Skiptrace there are four types of cards players will use.


Who your Mission is centered on.


Where you’ll be doing the deed. Each Location card lists three points of interest that you can use to your advantage.


What the purpose of the Mission is.


How you’ll perform the mission; your bread ‘n’ butter. These cards are various objects (abstract or otherwise) that you bring with you into the Mission.

We wanted the cards to convey enough information to the players without coloring their perceptions. This way, players can decide what the card means to them and interpret it as such.

have a look at some of the cards

Too Much Privilege

Mini Print 'N Play Edition

Want to try out a sample of Skiptrace? Click the link below to download a Mini Print 'N Play Edition of Skiptrace

Print 'N Play


Tom Sellers

Tom is a tabletop game designer and Co-creator of Skiptrace. He enjoys Improv and games of all types.

Ayla Arthur

Ayla Arthur is a tabletop game designer and games critic/writer. Co-creator of Skiptrace, she is a lover of all things pen and paper.

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